World Day Against Child Labour 2024

The world celebrates Anti Child Labor Day also known as the World Day Against Child Labour 2024 every year on the 12th of June to create consciousness on the fate of millions of children who are bound to work in such a way that negates their childhood, education, and prospects.

As the world gets prepared for Anti-Child Labor Day 2024, much attention is paid to combating this global problem in all its manifestations. It is significant to observe this day as an acknowledgment of the fact that there is still much to be done and it is high time that governments, organizations, and individuals concerned with the protection of children from child labor intensified their efforts in the fight against this social evil.

One of the most important aspects of pursuing social justice is the outlawing of child labor. It stands for the idea that all workers, regardless of age, ought to be free to choose how much of the wealth they have helped to create they want to take home.

Our aim in abolishing child labor is to create a society where everyone, including children, treated with dignity and has access to opportunities for personal development, quality education, and adequate housing.

This vision of social justice embodies the principle that no one should endure the exploitation of child labor for others to prosper and flourish.

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World Day Against Child Labour Theme 2024

The officially recognized theme for World Day Against Child Labor in 2024 is “Let’s act on our commitments: End Child Labour!”

This day offers a critical chance to spread awareness, push for reform, and work for a world free from child labor.

Prevalence of Child Labour

  • Children still forced to work against their wishes all over the world despite the advancements that have achieved in previous years.
  • This has further exacerbated by challenges like conflicts, crises, and recently the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced more families into poverty hence pushing more children to work as labourers.
  • Although these terms convey economic progress, they have failed to ensure the pertinent pressures that compel such families to seek child labor income adequately addressed.
  • Presently, there are about 160 million children who involved in child labor, out of which about nine percent are from across the globe.
  • It estimated that Africa and the Asia Pacific region the most impacted regions by child labor.
  1.  In Africa, there a large percentage of children involved in child labor; about one-fifth of the total children in Africa.
  2. On the same note, Africa also records the highest incidence of child labor more than any other region with an estimated 72 million children affected.
  3. The regions of Asia and the Pacific come second, as it stated that they embrace child labor of 7% of their total number, which makes 62 million children.
  4. Altogether, these two continents contribute to 90% of children worldwide who engaged in child labor.

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History of Anti-Child Labor Day

World Day Against Child Labour very important event observed as a part of International programs since the year 2002. This event proposed and developed by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to mark its fight against child labor and to encourage people and organizations to act against it annually.

  • It could for this reason that June 12th chosen as the day of the protest.
  • On the 17th of June in 2002, the ILO adopted Convention No 182 which regarded as an important international tool that addresses the issue of the worst forms of Child Labour. It underscores the need to remove child labor and offers guidelines for governments, employers, and workers in the fight against the vice.
  • Every year, people all over the world celebrate World Day Against Child Labour through several activities, campaigns, and events sponsored by different governments, organizations and non-governmental organizations, groups, and individuals.
  • The initiative taken in response to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals set in 2015 which aimed at putting an end to child labour. Target 8.7 of the SDG therefore urges the global society to intensify the fight against forced labour, human trafficking. And the worst forms of child labour including the recruitment of child soldiers. The target also seeks to gradually eliminate cases of child labor in all stages by the year 2025.
  • These initiatives undertaken to create consciousness campaigns, come up with advocates. And foster actions relating to the prevention of child abuse. And the provision of the child’s rights to education, health, and safe childhood.

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World Day Against Child Labour has over the years helped to sensitize the world. On the plight of children in child labor and has instrumental in mobilizing efforts towards eliminating. This violation of children’s rights in the world. This is a stark reminder of the work that still needs to done in the fight against this act. And the need to continue the fight for a world where children do not have to suffer through child labor.

Way Forward

As the International Labour Organization marks World Day Against Child Labour in 2024, June 12th holds global humanitarian importance. This annual observance, occurring poignantly in late spring. Shines a spotlight on the distressing issue of child exploitation in labor across the globe. The timing is ideal for accelerating efforts to safeguard children’s rights. And raising awareness of the need to put an end to abusive behaviors. On this specific date in 2024, as communities and campaigners come together globally. The message that child labor impedes human progress strongly felt.

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