World Wind Day 2024

Leading global provider of wind energy, Iberdrola, will be participating in World Wind Day 2024 celebrations on Saturday, June 15, as it does each year.

The European Wind Energy Association established this day in 2007 to increase public awareness of the value of wind, which has not only been essential for enabling transportation, influencing various mythologies.

And altering the earth’s topography but also serves as a significant source of renewable energy when harnessed for wind power.

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Understanding World Wind Day

Wind is one of the most important natural events that has been employed by man since historical times. They have captured our imagination, featured in legends and fables, and have even been used to name gods.

And sharing several virtues, it governs temperature on the Earth, forms relief, contributes to the distribution of seeds, and in addition, forces have evolved from driving ships in the waters of the world to an important energy source in the twenty-first century.

For this reason, in 2007, the European Wind Energy Association felt the need to circulate the importance of the marvels of nature by advocating the 15th of June as the Global Wind Day.

Wind is another natural occurrence produced when the air gets warm, it rises and expands until it is as warm as the air surrounding it. The strange thing is that air does not heat up directly via solar radiative heating but steals heat from both the ground and water surfaces.

In other words, the Air movement can be broadly defined as from the tropics to the equator and as it cools off it goes back up through the higher layers to the tropics again.

At Iberdrola, we celebrate Global Wind Day because it plays a key role in the development of wind energy and promotion of the non-stopping source of renewable energy which positively contributes to the decrease of the usage of fossil fuel and, in turn, the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions.

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What’s the History Behind Wind Energy?

This publication might come as a surprise, but wind energy is as old as it gets, or more precisely, it originated during the first century A.D. In this period, the Greek engineer Heron of Alexandria invented the device that relies on the force of the wind to operate a musical instrument.

And there are of course the famous windmills, which indeed go back a long, long time to the 7th to the 9th century AD. Some countries such as Iran employed windmills in milling corn and flour besides using them to pump water. Also in the 1180s, Northwestern Europeans were utilizing windmills for milling flour.

You might be more familiar with these modern-day wind turbines. Originally, these developed in the 1880s by the Scottish Professor James Blyth who invented the first electrometer. The first wind turbine that capable of creating electricity constructed in the year 1887.

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What’s the Purpose of Global Wind Day?

The goal of Global Wind Day is to promote wind energy and inform people of how this kind of energy is useful in helping the world become more sustainable and environmentally conscious.

It empowers both adults and children to make a change by getting to know how wind energy can save costs on the importation of fossil fuels and also help in the reduction of carbon emissions.

The day also creates awareness of issues such as the environment and makes individuals want to make the world green.

This day is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness about wind utilization across the globe and teach children about wind turbines. It can also guide children in different directions and teach them the significance that the weather plays in generating electricity.

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How can I involved in World Wind Day?

Here are some suggestions on how to participate in the next celebration of Global Wind Day that is to happen in 2024. You may choose to participate in political activities via social media platforms or even acts such as petitions for a cleaner environment via wind energy.

One interesting and entertaining event for families is to spend time and study the wind turbines more and try to find some in the vicinity of their homes. Then, your children can draw or color a picture of the turbine that they’ve found interesting. You can even gain knowledge in areas such as this topic.

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Interesting Facts about Wind Energy

  • Wind turbines are, in fact, approximately as tall as the Statue of Liberty.
  • The wind energy does not produce any greenhouse gases at all.
  • The report from the Office of National Statistics shows that 90% of global electricity generation will be from renewable sources by 2050. Wind & solar power will commit 70% of this.
  • Wind-generated much electricity; from 2009 to 2020, the growth of wind power found to have increased by 715%.
  • Wind turbines generate enough electricity to power approximately 600 households.

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Way Forward

June 15th, designated as World Wind Day 2024, a time to recognize the vital role wind plays in the environment and its noteworthy position as a renewable energy source.

This day, which created by the European Wind Energy Association in 2007, aims to increase public awareness of the many advantages of wind energy, ranging from its historical influence on transportation and culture to its contemporary use in the generation of sustainable energy.

Businesses that actively engage in these events, like Iberdrola, highlight the value of wind energy in lowering greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on fossil fuels. On World Wind Day, we reminded of the wind’s ever-lasting and ever-changing ability to shape a sustainable future.

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