International Chicken Wing Day 2024

Every year on July 1st, people celebrate International Chicken Wing Day 2024. This day honors all sorts of chicken wings, including buffalo wings and a plethora of sauce options like ranch, barbecue, garlic, and parmesan. It aims to elevate chicken wings in all of their forms, dimensions, tastes, and varieties. The most crucial thing is to prepare a bucket of chicken wings for this particular day’s indulgence.

History of International Chicken Wing Day

As unbelievable as it may sound, people in America have been indulging themselves in a special day dedicated to chicken wings for more than forty years! The official recognition of the International Chicken Wing Day was given even earlier in 1977 by the former Buffalo’s mayor Stan Makowski.

Chicken wings are commonly known as ‘Buffalo wings’ that originated in Buffalo and people cannot survive without this delicious dish. However, the origin of these Buffalo wings was traced to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. Teressa Bellissimo, one of the bar’s founders, had a son whose friends asked him to buy them some fried food at a late hour. He deep fried the wings for soup stock and combined it with yummy sauce: so was born the wings that we enjoy today as Buffalo wings. However, indeed, on International Chicken Wing Day, all types of wings are in the spotlight.


Chicken wings should be crispy on the outside part while the inside part should have the juice of the meat. The sauce truly is the star of the show, with hot sauce contributing that hint of heat and sweet sauces containing so much flavor. They even served with celery, carrots, or any other fresh vegetable to bring out the right taste of the food.

Chicken wings are experiencing a great growth rate and this is evident by the high number of chicken wing festivals. The National Buffalo Wing Festival has established itself as the most popular festival of the type. A few years later, McDonald’s started hot wings followed by KFC and Domino’s Pizza in a bid to showcase their chicken wings.

Nowadays Chicken Wings not only enjoyed in the United States, but it also has its appetizers in many countries like Canada, India, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and many more. Who would not want an entire day dedicated to this yummy dish, which makes us drool as soon as we hear the name?

How to Celebrate International Chicken Wing Day?

1. Share a gigantic bucket of chicken wings: Indulge yourself in tasty chicken wings by ordering a huge bucket and having it with your relatives and friends on July 29th, International Chicken Wing Day. Try to challenge the participants to a contest of who gets to eat the most wings within a set amount of time. Have a blast celebrating this simply fun-filled food holiday.

2. Attend the National Buffalo Wing Festival: One of the most recognized events organized on a Labour Day weekend is the National Buffalo Day Wing Festival, which takes place in Downtown Buffalo in New York. And they jubilate the peculiar dish known as Buffalo-style chicken wing. Visit there with an empty stomach because what you are about to see will make you go for a refill.

3. Visit Anchor Bar in Buffalo: Anchor Bar in Buffalo is the place through which this dish was born, and we’re talking about the Buffalo wings here. Visit the bar and order the Buffalo chicken wings, which is a specialty of the place, and comes in buckets.

Significance of International Chicken Wing Day

1. It can be eaten with a variety of sauces: People also use the name hot wings when referring to chicken wings, because most are taken with hot sauce. However, it is important to note that there are several sauces which one can select from at the current time. They can also eaten with ranch dressing, which is quite popular with most people, they can also dunked in BBQ sauce, honey, mustard, ketchup, gravy, soy sauce, and sweet and sour sauce among others. Blue cheese is another type of dip that will normally grace the table.

2. They’re easy to make: In terms of preparation, chicken wings do not take much time and are rather simple to prepare. This is because the various ingredients require about an hour to prepare enough servings for a family of four. You want to look for something like this – You should be able to get your food anytime you wish once your delicious wings are ready.

3. They’re very popular: Chicken wings are very preferred types of products since their taste and textural profiles are rather diverse. These are perfect accompaniments for any occasion such as parties or even potluck sessions. Many people will left desiring more of the scenes or any other thing that may interest them. They are also easy to find at stores and sometimes all that you may need to do is go for your favorite brands and enjoy every piece.

Way Forward

Celebrated annually on July 1st, International Chicken Wing Day pays tribute to the delectable and adaptable chicken wing in all of its forms. This day honors the cherished meal, from its beginnings at Buffalo, New York’s Anchor Bar to its current status as a household name across the globe. Flavored with an array of sauces and spices, chicken wings persist as a widely consumed and effortlessly prepared delicacy. This day is all about enjoying the crispy, savory treat that has won hearts all over the world—whether you’re eating it in a bucket with friends, going to a festival, or touring the area where Buffalo wings originated.

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