Global Parents Day 2024

Global Parents Day 2025 – In our present busy world, everybody tends to lost in attaining their goals and objectives as well as targets forgetting the fact that we should always spend with our parents since they the ones who made us who we today. The essentials of life cannot  over-emphasized, especially the pertinent contributions that parents make to their children. If it is lacking in children, their health, their mental health, and their education are all in jeopardy.

To recognize their efforts, the United Nations General Assembly declared the Global Day of Parents in the year 2012 which observed annually every 1st of June across the globe. It encourages both the children and the parents to spend some good moments together and make some fabulous memories. In this post we talking a little bit more about the Global Day of Parents marked and also the different ways that you can use to celebrate it with your parents.

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History of Parents’ Day

Firstly, Parents’ Day celebrated starting in the year 1994. Parents’ Day recognized to encourage parental responsibilities, and the then President, Bill Clinton signed a congressional resolution recognizing the day.

However, as mentioned earlier, it only in the year 2012 that the day was declared the Global Day of Parents by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate all parents across the globe individually. While some countries celebrate Parent’s Day on different dates, the Global Day of Parents was launched on the 1st of June.

Global Day of Parents Theme 2025

The Global Day of Parents 2025 theme has not yet been formally revealed. However, the theme is often revealed by the UN General Assembly in March of each year. In 2023, the theme for Global Parents Day was “Appreciate All Parents Throughout the World”.

Regardless of the ultimate theme, there is much potential for Global Day of Parents 2025 to ignite dialogue, motivate action, and honour the various roles and contributions that parents play around the world. Await the formal announcement with anticipation, and come celebrate with us as we make today a huge success!

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Why Is Parents’ Day Celebrated?

Parents’ Day or Global Day of Parents is a special event which celebrates the significance of parents to their children. The day observed to advocate for family responsibility and to pay respect to parents in different parts of the world. Global Day of Parents celebrated for several reasons such as the ones given below:

For Deeper Bonding

Individuals in today’s world have very little chance to take time off from their jobs to spend time with their parents. Global Day of Parents will assist such people in going out and spending an entire day with their parents. They can discuss issues that perhaps they have been dealing with or issues they always wanted to with their parent, therefore maintaining the parent-child relationship.

Showing Your Appreciation

There are few things as powerful as the feeling of being grateful in life. Finding a way to be grateful to your parents and embrace them on this day, there is this sparkle that comes from within. Parents’ Day is one of the best days that you can give your parents a good welcome and show them how much you are grateful. On this day, many individuals go to their parents’ homes to present the elderly with flowers and other tokens of appreciation.

Celebrating a Timeout

On this day, working parents get a break from the daily rat race, which can sometimes be quite stressful. Instead of forcing them to perform chores, they run away and sometimes you find children allow them to overlook everything. Parents often like to see how their children progress in life and become upright citizens in society. You enjoy and have fun with people who are dear to you, your parents, and that is what matters most!

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Parents’ Day Celebration Ideas

Make Dinner Together

Preparing a meal together or having dinner is one of the best things that people can do for their parents on Parent’s Day. This idea is a good one for the families that are living in one house. Those people who can not meet their parents due to social distancing can try something similar this way, or the following idea.

Spend Some Time With Your Family Album

Go through your family photo album, and look through the pictures of your parents when they were young. Going through the photos, you can spend the whole day remembering things that happened in connection with the pictures. To make it more interesting, one can take a family photo when on Global Day of Parents and include it in the family photo album.

Say Thank You

It is hard to describe how to celebrate Global Day of Parents. But the best you can do is to take some time and thank your parents. Try to text or call your parents. And just say thank you for all the things they have done for you.

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Looking Ahead

In the twenty-first century, Global Day of Parents continues to be an essential forum for honouring, empowering. And supporting parents as we negotiate the challenges they face.

We can help ensure that all families have access to the tools and assistance. They require to thrive in the future by carrying out awareness campaigns, pushing for reform, and encouraging cooperation.

Recall that even modest acts of kindness and encouragement can have a significant impact on parents’ lives. Use this chance to tell your parents how much you appreciate them and to convey your thanks to them.

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