Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Day

Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Day is celebrated in the Philippines on March 17th every year. It honors the legacy of Ramon Magsaysay, the seventh president of the Philippines.

Here’s some key information about the day:

  • Established: 1966, by Proclamation No. 15 [Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines]
  • Significance: Honors President Magsaysay’s dedication to public service and improving the lives of the Filipino people.
  • Observance:
    • Flags flown at half-mast in the Philippines and abroad.
    • 21-gun salute at noon in military areas.
    • Brief programs held in public schools and government offices, including:
      • Reading of the Magsaysay Credo
      • One-minute silent prayer

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History of Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Day

The Philippines celebrates Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Day every March 17th. It honors the legacy of Ramon Magsaysay, the seventh president of the Philippines, who served from 1953 until his death in 1957.

Establishment of Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Day

Magsaysay was a beloved leader known for his honesty, integrity, and dedication to public service. He is credited with cracking down on corruption, improving the economy, and quelling the Hukbalahap Rebellion, a communist insurgency.

Sadly, Magsaysay died tragically in a plane crash on Mount Manunggal in Cebu on March 17, 1957. Nine years later, in 1966, President Ferdinand Marcos signed Proclamation No. 15, which officially declared March 17th as Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Day.

Observances of Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Day

Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Day is a national holiday in the Philippines. On this day, government offices and public schools hold short programs to commemorate President Magsaysay’s life and achievements. These programs typically include the reading of the “Magsaysay Credo,” a statement that outlines his core principles of public service, and a moment of silence.

The day also serves as a time for Filipinos to reflect on Magsaysay’s legacy and how his values can be applied to their own lives.

The Legacy of Ramon Magsaysay

Ramon Magsaysay is still revered in the Philippines today. He is remembered as a symbol of honesty, integrity, and public service. The Ramon Magsaysay Award, established in 1958, is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize of Asia” and is given to individuals and organizations in Asia who exemplify his commitment to these values.

What was Ramon Magsaysay known for?

Ramon Magsaysay is remembered for a few key achievements during his time in Philippine politics:

  • Defeating the Hukbalahap (Huk) Rebellion: As president, he successfully suppressed the communist-led Huk insurgency. His focus on addressing social injustices that fueled the rebellion and his reforms within the military are credited with this victory.
  • Honest and Common Man Leadership: Magsaysay was known for his humble background and dedication to serving the common people. He was a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional elite politicians of the time.
  • The Ramon Magsaysay Award: An award named after him honors exceptional leadership in Asia. It continues to recognize individuals who exemplify the values he embodied.

Timeline of Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Day

1907: Birth of Ramon Magsaysay. He would go on to become the seventh President of the Philippines.

1953: Ramon Magsaysay is elected President of the Philippines. He would serve until his death in 1957.

March 17, 1957: President Magsaysay tragically dies in a plane crash on Mount Manunggal in Cebu.

1958: The Ramon Magsaysay Award is established in his honor. This prestigious award is known as the “Asian Nobel Prize.”

Annually, March 17th: Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Day is celebrated throughout the Philippines.

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