National Unclaimed Property Day

National Unclaimed Property Day is an awareness campaign created by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA). It aims to educate the public about the vast amount of unclaimed property held by states across the US and encourage individuals to search for any money or assets they might be owed.

Why is it important?

Millions of Americans unknowingly have unclaimed property waiting for them. This can include everything from forgotten bank accounts and uncashed paychecks to unclaimed life insurance benefits and stocks. By claiming this property, individuals can potentially recover significant sums of money.

What happens to unclaimed property in India?

In India, the fate of unclaimed property depends on what type of asset it is and how long it remains unclaimed. Here’s a breakdown:

Financial Assets:

  • Bank Accounts: After 10 years of inactivity, bank accounts are considered dormant and unclaimed. The funds are then transferred to the Depositor Education and Awareness Fund (DEAF) established by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). However, individuals can still reclaim their unclaimed funds by contacting the bank where the account was held.
  • Shares and Dividends: Unclaimed stocks and unpaid dividends are remitted to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs after seven years. Similar to bank accounts, rightful owners can claim their assets by submitting necessary documents.
  • Other Financial Instruments: Unclaimed assets like insurance policies, mutual funds, etc., also have specific timeframes and regulations for disposal. These vary depending on the institution and type of asset.

Non-Financial Assets:

  • Lost and Found: Personal belongings found unclaimed may be held by relevant authorities like police stations or transport agencies for a specific period. If unclaimed, they might be auctioned or donated.
  • Abandoned Property: Legally abandoned property might be taken over by the government or local authorities after following due process. The exact procedures vary depending on the type and location of the property.

Finding and Claiming Unclaimed Assets:

Several resources can help you find and claim unclaimed assets in India:

  • UDGAM Portal: This centralized portal allows searching for unclaimed bank deposits across various banks.
  • Unclaimed Assets India Website: This private website offers information and assistance with claiming various unclaimed assets.
  • Bank and Institution Websites: Many banks and financial institutions publish lists of unclaimed assets on their websites.
  • Government Websites: Relevant government websites may also provide information on specific types of unclaimed property.

History of National Unclaimed Property Day

National Unclaimed Property Day is a relatively young holiday, established in 2021 by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA). It’s observed annually on February 1st to raise awareness about the vast amount of unclaimed money and property sitting in state coffers across the US.

Here’s a quick timeline of its history:


  • Inaugural celebration of National Unclaimed Property Day takes place, launched by NAUPA as an awareness campaign.
  • The theme for the first year is “Reunite with Your Money,” highlighting the opportunity to reclaim lost funds.
  • An estimated 33 million Americans (1 in 10) have unclaimed property, highlighting the need for public outreach.


  • The second annual National Unclaimed Property Day builds on the success of the first year.
  • Continued focus on promoting awareness and encouraging people to search for their unclaimed assets.
  • Various resources and tools were made available to facilitate the search process.


  • The third annual National Unclaimed Property Day focuses on the theme “It Takes 30 Seconds,” emphasizing the simplicity of searching for unclaimed property.
  • States are encouraged to participate in outreach efforts and spread awareness through various channels.
  • Public awareness continues to grow, but millions of dollars remain unclaimed.


  • National Unclaimed Property Day continues to gain traction, reminding Americans to check for their own potential forgotten assets.
  • Continued efforts to educate the public and reunite individuals with their rightful property.

It’s important to note that while the official “day” is February 1st, many states encourage year-round searching for unclaimed property on their dedicated websites or through online databases. By taking a few minutes to search, you could be surprised to discover unclaimed funds waiting for you!

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