National Statistics Day 2024

The date of National Statistics Day is June 29, 2024. It honors the day of Professor Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis’ birth, who is regarded as the founder of Indian statistics. The day serves as a reminder of the value of statistics in national growth, planning, and well-informed decision-making.

History of National Statistics Day

The history of National Statistics Day in India can be seen as a part of a long process of India’s growth and its commitment to the use of statistics. Let’s delve into its history:

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The Father of Indian Statistics

1893: The journey of the lecture starts with the birth of Professor Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis on 29th June 1893. A mighty statistician, he has worked dedicatedly and established the basis of statistical research and its application in India.

Shaping National Planning: Mahalanobis made a significant contribution to India’s economic planning after the country had attained its independence. He developed what came to be known as the “Mahalanobis Model” which focused on industry as well as import substitution.

Statistical Institutions and Surveys: It was in 1931 that he set up the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). It is an institute that focuses on statistical research as well as training. He also conducted pioneer surveys such as the Pilot Survey of 1937, which set the stage for conducting big surveys.

Statistical Contribution to Society

2007: In appreciation of Mahalanobis’s work, the Government of India observed his birth anniversary on June 29th as National Statistics Day since 2007. The day provided an opportunity to appreciate the role of statistics in the development of the country.

Raising Awareness and Promoting Use: Since then, National Statistics Day has been observed every year with the following objectives:

  • Emphasizing statistics in the formulation of policies, decision-making, and social advancements and development.
  • Increasing awareness of the public on statistical knowledge and data analysis.
  • The aim was to popularize data and their usage in daily activities and decision-making processes.

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More than a Day, an Ongoing Movement

  • Improve data collection and analysis: The government is also expanding the capacity of statistical systems and enhancing the quality of data.
  • Promote statistical literacy: Efforts are being made to educate people regarding data and statistics with the help of educational campaigns.
  • Foster collaborations: Collaboration with institutions, research entities, and other stakeholders in the private sector should continue to leverage the potential of data for development.

The Future of Statistics in India

While India continues to work towards achieving better standards of living and development, National Statistics Day is a timely reflection of the essential part that statistics play in the development of the nation. Through raising awareness and understanding of data, raising awareness on the proper use of data, and enhancing the quality of data, India can harness the potential of statistics for sustainable and inclusive development.

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Importance of National Statistics Day 2024

1. Paying Tribute: They celebrate it as the statistician’s day to pay tribute to Mahalanobis, the father of Indian Statistics for his visionary efforts and commitment towards the advancement of the study of statistics.

2. Inspiring Future Generations: His story of innovation and his dedication to data-driven approaches encourage young people to consider statistics as a career and contribute to national development.

3. Raising Awareness: The day is significant as it focuses on the importance of statistics in various facets of Indian society; be it in the formulation of policies, development planning, or social welfare programs.

4. Data Literacy: It enhances the public’s appreciation of the role of statistics and fosters data literacy while enabling the citizenry to reason and act based on data analysis.

5. Evidence-Based Policy: It stresses the need for policymakers to adopt and use statistics in decision-making in various fields such as healthcare, education, agriculture, and infrastructure among others.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation: Statistics are helpful tools to monitor the performance of development programs, evaluate the necessity of changes, and monitor the use of resources efficiently.

7. Investing in Statistical Infrastructure: It underscores the importance of further strengthening and enhancing the statistical capacity and underlines the requirement for enhancing the data collection instruments, analysis tools, and analytical capacity.

8. Global Collaboration: National Statistics Day can also be a way that encourage collaboration between countries, especially in the area of statistics through the sharing of knowledge and research works toward addressing global issues.

Way Forward

On June 29, National Statistics Day 2024 observed to honor the birth of Professor Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, a trailblazer in the field of Indian statistics. It stands for the crucial role that statistics play in planning, national development, and well-informed decision-making.

The history of the day shows how India has progressed in using statistics to drive growth. As seen by Mahalanobis’s role in economic planning and the founding of statistical organizations. Beyond a time for celebration, it underscores the continued work done to raise statistics literacy, enhance data quality. And encourage partnerships for sustainable development.

Inspiring future generations, highlighting evidence-based policymaking. And supporting a strong statistical infrastructure, National Statistics Day echoes the global appeal for data-driven progress.

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