National Dress Day

National Dress Day is celebrated on March 6th of every year. Year 2024, it falls on a Wednesday. It’s a day dedicated to celebrating the versatility and fun that dresses bring to our lives.

Fashion designer Ashley Lauren founded National Dress Day as a way to pay homage to this iconic article of clothing and the special moments we associate with wearing them.

Lauren says, “I remember the dresses I wore to my prom, first job interview, first date, competing in a pageant, my first red carpet event, the list goes on,” she says. “This is a fun day to cherish and celebrate those memories.”

So how can you participate in National Dress Day?

  • Wear a dress! It doesn’t matter how fancy or casual the dress is. The key is to celebrate the joy of wearing a dress.
  • Share your favorite dress memories on social media! Use the hashtag #NationalDressDay to share photos of your favorite dresses and the special occasions you wore them for.
  • Learn about the history of the dress. Dresses have been a staple in women’s wardrobes for centuries. There are many different styles of dresses from all over the world. You can learn more about the history of the dress by doing a quick internet search.

How to Celebrate National Dress Day?

National Dress Day lands on March 6th, so there’s still time to plan your outfit! Here are a few ways to celebrate:

  • Don a dress! This is the most obvious way to participate. Pull out your favorite dress, no matter the style or occasion. It could be a comfy sundress, a work-appropriate sheath, or a glamorous evening gown.
  • Embrace the history. National Dress Day was founded by fashion designer Ashley Lauren to honor the dress and the special memories associated with them. Reflect on your own dress-wearing experiences – special events, milestones, or just feeling confident.
  • Get creative. National Dress Day is about having fun with fashion. Try a new style of dress you wouldn’t normally wear, accessorize with bold jewelry, or rock a unique print.
  • Share the joy. Post a picture of yourself in your dress on social media using #NationalDressDay. You can also use this opportunity to compliment friends and colleagues on their dress choices.

National Dress Day Timeline

3000 BC

  • Dresses make their first appearance. Evidence suggests some of the world’s oldest dresses come from ancient Egypt during this era.

15th Century AD

  • Dresses become more than just a covering and transform into fashion statements, particularly for the wealthy. Elaborate embellishments and details become prominent features.


  • Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white halter dress becomes a cultural phenomenon in the film “The Seven Year Itch.” The scene where the dress blows up due to a subway grate vent has become a lasting image in film history.


  • Princess Diana’s wedding dress, designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, is revealed to the world. The dress, with its voluminous sleeves and lengthy train, becomes an inspiration for many future brides.


  • Lady Gaga pushes the boundaries of fashion with her infamous “meat dress” worn at the MTV Video Music Awards. The dress, made entirely of raw meat, sparks conversation and debate about fashion, art, and animal rights.


  • March 6th is officially declared National Dress Day by National Day Calendar® and fashion designer Ashley Lauren. The day is established to celebrate the versatility and significance of dresses, as well as the memories associated with them.

2024 (Present Day)

  • National Dress Day continues to be celebrated annually on March 6th. People around the world wear dresses of all styles and colors to commemorate the day and the role dresses play in their lives.

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