National Curl Crush Day 2024

National Curl Crush Day is coming up on Saturday, March 16th, 2024! It’s a day dedicated to celebrating and loving natural curly hair.

Here’s what the day is all about:

  • What it’s about: It’s about self-love and embracing your natural curls! People with curly hair often deal with challenges in maintaining it, but this day is all about recognizing how beautiful and unique curly hair is.
  • Empowerment: National Curl Crush Day is about self-love and appreciation for your natural curls.
  • Embrace those curls: It’s a day to show off your beautiful curls and ditch the straightener or curling iron.
  • Shifting beauty standards: The day highlights the beauty of natural hair textures and aims to break away from beauty standards that might favor straight hair.

Why Celebrate National Curl Crush Day?

National Curl Crush Day, observed on March 16th, 2024, is all about celebrating and loving natural curls! Here are some reasons to join the fun:

  • Embrace your curls: This day is a chance to appreciate your unique hair texture and rock your curls with confidence.
  • Spread body positivity: It’s a celebration of natural beauty and self-acceptance, encouraging everyone to love their curls.
  • Share tips and inspiration: National Curl Crush Day is a great opportunity to connect with other curly-haired people online and offline. Share your hair care routine, product recommendations, and curl styles to inspire others.

If you have curly hair, this is a day to pamper yourself and show off your beautiful curls!

How to Celebrate National Curl Crush Day?

National Curl Crush Day, observed on March 16th annually, is all about celebrating and loving your natural curls! Here’s how you can join the fun:

  • Flaunt your curls: This is your day to rock your curls with confidence! Let your hair down (literally) and style it however you love it.

  • Selfie time! Share your curl love on social media using hashtags like #NationalCurlCrushDay and #CurlCrushChallenge. You can even participate in contests like the one by Carol’s Daughter for a chance to win hair care products.

  • Embrace the curl journey: National Curl Crush Day is a great reminder to appreciate your unique hair texture. If you’ve been struggling with managing your curls, this day can be a starting point to learn more about curl care routines and products.

  • Spread the curl love: Compliment others on their beautiful curls and inspire them to embrace their natural hair.

  • Treat your curls: Pamper your curls with a deep conditioning treatment or a refreshing spritz of curl leave-in conditioner.

National Curl Crush Day is all about celebrating the beauty of curls. So, let your curls loose and have fun!

History of National Curl Crush Day

National Curl Crush Day is a relatively new holiday, having first been observed in 2021. It was created by a collaboration between National Day Calendar and Carol’s Daughter, a hair care brand that focuses on products for naturally curly hair.

The day’s purpose is to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of natural curls, which have not always been seen as favorable in mainstream beauty standards. It’s a day to encourage people to love and embrace their curls, regardless of texture or tightness.

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