National Crayon Day 2024

National Crayon Day 2024 is celebrated on March 31st every year. It’s a day to appreciate the humble crayon, a childhood favorite that continues to spark creativity and fun for people of all ages.

Here’s some information about National Crayon Day:

  • History: While the exact origin of National Crayon Day is unknown, it’s a day widely recognized and celebrated in the United States. Crayola, a popular brand of crayons, even has activities and events around this day on their website Click Here.
  • Significance: Crayons are more than just colorful sticks. They are associated with childhood creativity, imagination, and the joy of artistic expression. National Crayon Day is a time to reminisce about those times and celebrate the enduring power of crayons.
  • Celebration: There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate National Crayon Day. Grab your favorite crayons and coloring book, get together with friends and family for a coloring session, or try some fun DIY crayon crafts.

History of National Crayon Day

National Crayon Day is a celebration of both the invention of crayons and the joy of coloring itself! The exact origins of the day are a little fuzzy, but we do know it’s been around since the early 1900s.

Here’s a quick trip through crayon history to tie in with National Crayon Day:

  • The forerunners of modern crayons were actually chalk and artist’s paints, both messy for young artists.
  • In 1903, Edwin Binney and his cousin C. Harold Smith, owners of Binney & Smith, created a new kind of crayon specifically for children. Their innovation? Combining paraffin wax with safe, non-toxic pigments. They named their new product “Crayola,” a combination of “craie” (French for chalk) and “ola” (oil).
  • National Crayon Day coincides with the birthday of Edwin Binney, though it’s not officially recognized as such.

So, National Crayon Day is a fun way to honor both Binney’s invention and the creativity that crayons inspire in all of us, young and old.

National Crayon Day Activities

National Crayon Day is celebrated on March 31st of each year. It’s a day to appreciate the wonder of crayons and the creativity they inspire! Here are some fun activities to celebrate this colorful holiday:

  • Classic Coloring: Break out the crayons and coloring books! This is a timeless activity that’s fun for all ages. You can use traditional coloring books, or print out free coloring pages online.
  • Get Crafty: There are tons of fun crayon crafts you can make. Try making melted crayon art, crayon rubbings, or even your own homemade crayons!
  • Host a Coloring Contest: Get your friends and family together for a coloring contest. You can choose a theme, such as your favorite animal or place, or let everyone color whatever they like. The winner gets bragging rights (and maybe a prize)!
  • Color Your World: Look beyond coloring pages and get creative with crayons! Use them to draw on cardboard boxes, make your own wrapping paper, or even create a mural on your wall (with adult permission, of course!).
  • Learn About Crayons: Did you know that crayons were first invented in the 19th century? Take some time to learn about the history of crayons and how they’re made. You can find information online or at your local library.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, National Crayon Day is a great reminder to let your creativity flow and have some fun!

What are the 24 crayons in order?

The exact order of the 24 crayons in a box may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and specific set. However, Crayola, a popular brand of crayons, offers a 24-count box with the following colors:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Violet
  7. Black
  8. Brown
  9. Gray
  10. White
  11. Cerulean
  12. Indigo
  13. Scarlet
  14. Crimson
  15. Magenta
  16. Pink
  17. Rose
  18. Tan
  19. Peach
  20. Apricot
  21. Yellow-Orange
  22. Yellow-Green
  23. Green-Yellow
  24. Blue-Green

This is just a standard color assortment. Crayola also offers other 24-count crayon sets with different color themes, such as Glitter Crayons, Metallic Crayons, and Neon Crayons.

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