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Egypt Mother’s Day celebrate on March 21st, making it the first country in the Arab world to dedicate a day to mothers . The celebration has roots that go back even further, though. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis embodied motherhood and was known for her devotion to her husband Osiris and son Horus.

The modern-day holiday can be credited to journalist Mustafa Amin. In 1943, he published a book called “Smiling America” where he expressed his desire for a national holiday to honor mothers. It took over a decade for his idea to gain traction. In 1956, Amin encountered a widowed mother who had been abandoned by her son. This story struck a chord with Amin and he began advocating for a national Mother’s Day celebration throughout the country.

The idea was initially ridiculed but Amin didn’t give up. He eventually declared March 21st as Mother’s Day in the newspaper “Akhbar el-Yom”. The idea was formally adopted in 1957 and is now celebrated across the Arab world. Amin’s efforts to establish Mother’s Day even landed him in jail for a short period of time!

On Mother’s Day in Egypt, families typically gather for a special meal and give gifts to their mothers. Schools often have special programs to honor mothers as well.

Egypt Mother’s Day Traditions

Egypt Mother’s Day combines modern traditions with a fascinating historical background. Here’s a breakdown of how it’s celebrated:

Modern Traditions:

  • Gifts and Cards: Much like Mother’s Day elsewhere, children give gifts to their mothers. These can be anything from handmade crafts to store-bought presents, with flowers, cards, and chocolates being popular choices.
  • Family Gatherings: Families often come together for a special meal or celebration on Mother’s Day.
  • Appreciation and Relaxation: The day is seen as a time for mothers to relax and be appreciated for their hard work and sacrifices. Ideally, they get a break from household chores and are pampered by their families.
  • Honoring Other Women: It’s common for people to extend their well wishes to female teachers, aunts, or other important women in their lives.

Historical Background:

Ancient Egypt
  • The veneration of mothers has roots in ancient Egyptian civilization. Egyptians revered Isis, a goddess who embodied motherhood, wifehood, and magic. Her story of devotion to her husband Osiris and son Horus is well known.
  • Ancient Egyptians held festivals honoring Isis, highlighting the high esteem in which mothers were held.
Modern Egypt
  • The modern Egypt Mother’s Day is credited to journalist Mustafa Amin. Inspired by American Mother’s Day traditions, Amin advocated for a day to recognize mothers in Egypt. In 1956, with the backing of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, the first official Mother’s Day was celebrated on March 21st, the first day of spring. The date was chosen to symbolize new beginnings and the nurturing spirit of mothers.
  • Egypt Mother’s Day is a national holiday. Families gather for celebrations, and children give gifts to their mothers. In some places, an “ideal mother” is chosen and honored for the year. The tradition of Mother’s Day on March 21st has spread to other Arab countries as well.

Why is Mothers Day different in Egypt?

There are two main ways Mother’s Day is different in Egypt:

  • Date: Unlike many other places that celebrate in May, Egypt Mother’s Day on March 21st. This coincides with the first day of spring.
  • Origin: The modern holiday in Egypt wasn’t directly influenced by the American tradition. Instead, it was a journalist, Mustafa Amin, who advocated for a day to honor mothers in the 1940s, and it became official in 1956. Interestingly, ancient Egyptians also celebrated motherhood through their worship of the goddess Isis.

So, while the sentiment of appreciating mothers is similar, Egypt has its own unique date and history for Mother’s Day.

Timeline of Egypt Mother’s Day

  • Ancient Egypt: Egyptians celebrate a festival honoring Isis, the goddess of motherhood, representing an early appreciation for mothers.
  • 1943: Journalist Mustafa Amin introduces the concept of Mother’s Day to Egyptian audiences in his book “Smiling America,” inspired by American traditions.
  • 1953: Amin starts a campaign advocating for a special day dedicated to mothers in Egypt.
  • 1956: Despite initial resistance, President Gamal Abdel Nasser approves the idea, and Egypt celebrates its first official Mother’s Day on March 21st.
  • 1957: Mother’s Day becomes formally adopted in Egypt.
  • Present Day: March 21st remains the official Mother’s Day in Egypt, celebrated with family gatherings, gift-giving, and expressions of appreciation for mothers nationwide. The tradition has also spread to other Arab countries.

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