Cyprus National Day 2024

Cyprus National Day 2024 is celebrated on April 1st every year. It commemorates the beginning of the armed struggle by the Greek Cypriot EOKA guerrilla organization for independence from British rule in 1955.

While Cyprus achieved its independence on August 16, 1960, April 1st holds significance as the day that marked the start of the movement that ultimately led to the country’s freedom.


Cyprus National Day is a public holiday in Cyprus. It is a day of national pride and celebration. Here are some ways Cypriots celebrate:

  • Military parades: Military parades are held in major cities, featuring the National Guard, police, and fire services.
  • Speeches: The President of Cyprus traditionally delivers a speech on this day.
  • Festivals: There are festivals and cultural events held throughout the country.
  • Church services: Special church services are held to commemorate those who fought for independence.

Interesting Facts

  • Although April 1st is known as April Fools’ Day in many countries, it is a solemn day in Cyprus.
  • The island of Cyprus is divided into two parts: the Republic of Cyprus, which is internationally recognized, and Northern Cyprus, which is only recognized by Turkey. The division is a result of a conflict that began in 1974.

History of Cyprus National Day

Cyprus National Day actually has two dates associated with it, which can be a little confusing.

The fight for Independence:

The first important date is April 1st. This day commemorates the beginning of the armed struggle for independence from British rule by the Greek Cypriot group EOKA (Ethniki Organosis Kyprion Agoniston) in 1955. Their fight lasted for four years and played a key role in eventually achieving independence.

Independence Day:

The second date is October 1st. This is the official Cypriot Independence Day, a national holiday that celebrates the independence of Cyprus from British rule on August 16, 1960. The achievement of independence came about through the London and Zurich Agreements, which were guaranteed by Greece, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.


Independence Day is a major celebration in Cyprus. There are festivals held throughout the country, and a large military parade takes place in the capital, Nicosia. The parade features the National Guard, Greek forces stationed in Cyprus, the police force, and the fire service. After the parade, the President of Cyprus traditionally delivers a speech.

Cyprus National Day 2024 Activities

Cyprus National Day, which falls on April 1st every year, commemorates the start of the EOKA uprising in 1955 against British rule. It’s a day of national pride and celebration in Cyprus. Here are some activities you can enjoy on Cyprus National Day 2024:

  • Attend a parade: Parades are a major highlight of Cyprus National Day celebrations. They typically feature marching bands, military personnel, and cultural groups showcasing traditional Cypriot dances, music, and costumes.
  • Enjoy local cuisine: Cypriot cuisine is a delicious blend of Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern influences. On National Day, many restaurants offer special menus featuring traditional dishes such as souvlaki, kleftiko, and moussaka.
  • Watch a fireworks show: Many cities in Cyprus put on spectacular fireworks displays to celebrate National Day. Check your local events calendar for timings and locations.
  • Learn about Cypriot history and culture: Cyprus has a rich history and culture. On National Day, many museums and cultural centers offer special exhibits and events. You can also learn about Cypriot culture by attending a traditional dance performance or listening to Cypriot music.
  • Decorate with flags and colors: Show your national pride by decorating your home or workplace with Cypriot flags and the colors blue and yellow.

Since Cyprus National Day is a public holiday, many shops and businesses will be closed. However, some restaurants and cafes may be open. It’s a great day to relax and spend time with family and friends.

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