Constitution Day in Andorra 2024

Constitution Day in Andorra 2024 is celebrated on March 14th every year. It commemorates the referendum held in 1993 where the Andorran people approved their constitution. The document itself was adopted on February 2nd, 1993.

This day is a national holiday in Andorra, with many businesses closed and public events held. It’s a day to reflect on the importance of the constitution as the foundation of the country’s laws and government.

Here’s what I can tell you about Constitution Day in Andorra:

Date: Celebrated every year on March 14th. Interestingly, this is today!

Commemorates: The 1993 constitutional referendum held in Andorra. This referendum marked a significant moment in Andorran history, as the constitution established Andorra as a sovereign, independent nation.

Significance: Constitution Day is a national holiday in Andorra. Schools and most businesses are closed, and there may be official ceremonies or public events held to celebrate the importance of the constitution. The day serves as a reminder of Andorra’s democratic values and its journey towards self-determination.

Additional details:

  • The Andorran constitution itself was adopted on February 2nd, 1993, but it wasn’t until the referendum on March 14th that the Andorran people officially approved it.
  • The constitution came into effect upon its publication in the official Andorran gazette on April 28th, 1993.

Constitution Day In Andorra History

Andorra doesn’t celebrate Constitution Day on the exact day the constitution was adopted. Here’s a breakdown of the key dates in Andorra’s Constitution history:

  • February 2, 1993: The Andorran Constitution was adopted [Wikipedia Constitution of Andorra].
  • March 14, 1993: The Andorran people ratified the Constitution in a referendum [Wikipedia Constitution of Andorra]. This is sometimes considered Constitution Day.
  • April 28, 1993: The Constitution was officially published and entered into effect [Andorra 360º The Andorran Constitution].
  • May 14th: This is the unofficial day considered Constitution Day in Andorra, with shops even closing nationwide [Andorra 360º The Andorran Constitution].

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